‘Watchmen’’s Ozymandias identity revealed in latest episode

**Spoilers for 'Watchmen' episode three below**

Watchmen‘s latest episode has finally unveiled the identity of Jeremy Irons’ mysterious character, with the actor in fact playing Ozymandias.

After much suspicion and a number of clues, the character was revealed as Adrian Veidt at the end of ‘She Was Killed By Space Junk’, with the classic comics villain having previously been presumed dead.

The moment comes when Irons’ character signs off a letter with his real name, before being seen putting on his Ozymandias outfit to go out and hunt.


Absolutely loaded: billionaire Adrian Veidt is using his cash to clone his servants. Credit: HBO / Sky Atlantic

Speaking about the reveal, Irons told The Hollywood Reporter: “Uniforms give you power. “I think that’s why people put them on. Masks give you even more power. It’s interesting that these superheroes always wear masks and costumes; it gives them a feeling of strength and allows them to do more than if they weren’t wearing them.

“I think it’s the same with the military, a marine, or a police officer. I think that’s part of what Damon [Lindelhof] is exploring.”

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He added: “I thought [Veidt] was fascinating, off the wall, bizarre and thoroughly mesmeric to play. To play enigmas, I have always enjoyed.”


Showrunner Lindelhof added of bringing back the classic character: “Veidt was essential, unless he died in the interim [between the comics and the show], which would have been very sad — and we’re obviously dealing with a world that believes he’s dead; and he may or may not be, because who knows when or where this story is unfolding.”

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