Fans are shipping Wednesday and Enid in new Netflix Addams Family spinoff

The pair even have a Hollywood power couple name, Wenclair.

Fans of Wednesday, the Netflix series, are shipping the titular gothic outcast with her colourful friend Enid Sinclair.

Viewers have been loving the mismatched personalities of the two characters and their blossoming friendship since Wednesday arrived at Nevermore Academy, the boarding school for outcasts. Following the most recent and final episode of the show, fans are now officially shipping the pair in their droves.

Flooding social media with comments about the pair’s friendship across the series, they proclaimed that “#Wenclair” were “written” for each other. Speaking about one scene in particular featured in the final episode, where the pair share a hug, fans were quick to call it the “most romantic” moment witnessed on Wednesday.


Jenna Ortega Wednesday
Jenna Ortega in ‘Wednesday’ CREDIT: Netflix

Creating a couple power-name for the two characters, Wenclair, Twitter users were forceful in their belief the pair are a perfect match. One users wrote: “Enid was written for Wednesday [sic].” Another tweeted: “Wednesday manages to have more chemistry with Enid than with any of her ‘love interests’ Netflix should take notes [sic].”

Many of the fans shared the same opinion, summed up by one user, who wrote: “I will never get over the fact that Wednesday and Enid each had 2 male love interests but none of them even remotely matched the chemistry between Wednesday and Enid themselves. #wenclair is real!”


Though fans have called for the two characters to become an item, the series closed with Wednesday and Enid still remaining friends. The show has been one of the most anticipated Netflix series of the year, and has received much hype due to Tim Burton directing four of the eight episodes.

Speaking to NME about the challenges of taking over the role of the iconic Wednesday from Christina Ricci, Jenna Ortega said: “It’s not often that you get the opportunity to play such an iconic character. There were challenges along the way, but we wanted to make this an interesting new version [of Wednesday].

“It was also really wonderful to make her Hispanic. I think that was a really cool decision on Netflix’s part and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to [give something back to] young girls that look like me because it was definitely harder growing up [without so many on-screen role models].”

Wednesday is available to stream on Netflix now.

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