‘Wednesday’: watch Lady Gaga recreate viral ‘Bloody Mary’ dance

"Slay Wednesday! You’re welcome at Haus of Gaga anytime"

Lady Gaga has recreated Jenna Ortega’s viral dance from Wednesday after fans on TikTok set it to the singer’s 2011 track ‘Bloody Mary’.

In a scene from the hugely popular new Netflix show, Ortega (Wednesday Addams) performs a dance to The Cramps‘ ‘Goo Goo Muck’, which has gone viral since the series aired.

For many of the recreations on TikTok, fans have set the dance against the song from Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ album, with streams of the track increasing significantly as a result.


Word of the trend has clearly now reached Gaga, who gave her own rendition of the dance on her TikTok page with the song in the background.

“BLOODY WEDNESDAY,” she wrote in the caption of the post, which you can see below.

On Twitter, Gaga also shared her love for Ortega and the show. On Wednesday Addams’ official Twitter account, a message read: I see you doing my dance moves to Lady Gaga’s ‘Bloody Mary’. I understand she is followed by little monsters. I approve.”

Gaga then responded: Slay Wednesday! You’re welcome at Haus of Gaga anytime (and bring Thing with you, we love paws around here).”

See the dance and the interaction below.



♬ original sound – main account got banned


In a four-star review of WednesdayNME wrote: “This is a reinvention, not a rewriting – and the core character survives intact. Wednesday’s acerbic wit, her sassy putdowns, are put to excellent use by Jenna Ortega, who is perfectly cast. She’s spoken in interviews about “challenges” and having to fight to protect her vision for the role, but any creative differences appear to have been worked out.

Wednesday ends up a rare spin-off success story. It’s creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky – and an absolute treat.”

This week, Ortega said she has “always been against” the love triangle storyline in the show. In the series, barista Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and artist Xavier (Percy Hynes White) are seen competing for the affections of Wednesday Addams (Ortega) at Nevermore Academy.

“As far as the boys went, I had to accept it,” Ortega explained. “Honestly I’m going to fight this love triangle thing so hard because this is just me being protective. I don’t think Wednesday would ever be in a love triangle.”

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