What is ‘The White Lotus’ theme song?

Composer Cristobal Tapia De Veer has created some award-winning magic

The White Lotus might have attracted attention through its ensemble cast and luscious locations, yet the soundtrack is just as deceptively addictive.

Created by Mike White, the HBO comedy drama has scored critical acclaim in its first two seasons, including a Primetime Emmy win for Outstanding Limited Or Anthology Series in 2021.

The show’s soundtrack has been equally celebrated, winning Emmys for both Outstanding Music Composition and Outstanding Main Title Theme Music in the same year.

Who composed the theme song in The White Lotus season two?


The soundtrack for the first season was composed by Cristobal Tapia De Veer, which included the award-winning main theme ‘Aloha!’ His other credits include the Channel 4 series Utopia, 2017 film The Girl With All The Gifts and 2022’s supernatural horror Smile.

Tapia De Veer returned as the composer on the second season, which features a new theme titled ‘Renaissance’. The two themes share some similarities in the otherworldly vocals, yet the latter is more inspired by the Italian setting. It’s also become a surprise hit on TikTok.

Speaking to BuzzFeed about the theme for the second season, Tapia De Veer said: “It feels like it’s club-friendly already. It feels like a party and just an all-out celebration. When the beat drops, we’re going through those chords. It feels big to me. It feels very emotional and like we’re getting into a journey.”

He was initially hesitant about the theme for the second season, adding: “This felt maybe too clean-sounding compared to the first one. The music for the first season was more aggressive and more chaotic.”

You can stream the soundtrack from the first season below.


In a five-star review of The White Lotus season two, NME wrote: “This isn’t a show you second-guess too much, but White drops hints that future episodes could explore issues of sexual content and sexual experimentation as well as white (and white-passing) privilege. One thing that’s not in doubt: The White Lotus is still laugh-out-loud funny.”

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