Wi Ha-joon on returning for ‘Squid Game’ season two: “Only the director knows”

“My hope is that season two comes out"

Squid Game actor and breakout star Wi Ha-joon has opened up about his experience appearing on the popular Netflix series.

In a brand-new, multi-article interview with Sports Chosun, Wi spoke about what it was like to portray police officer Jun Ho in the series, what drew him to the role and his hopes for the future of the hit TV show.

Wi shared that he though the character of Jun Ho was “incredibly charming” when he first read the script, despite the character not having much screen time. “He had his own story and played the role of introducing various events to viewers,” Wi said, as translated by Soompi. “He was honest and determined, and the character there with the best sense of justice.”


However, Wi also spoke about the difficulty of the role, which had required him to “act alone” for the majority of his scenes. “I felt a lot of pressure about having to lead each scene by myself. However, I think I was able to complete it because the director and staff members led me well,” he said.

Elsewhere during the interview, Wi also opened up about the possibility for a second season of the show, and his personal hopes for returning to the series. Wi’s character arc for Jun Ho ended ambiguously, after he was shot and falls off a cliff.

“My hope is that season two comes out, Jun Ho returns alive, and the story with Jun Ho’s brother is resolved well,” Wei said. “I really want Jun Ho to live. But it really can’t be predicted. Only the director knows, [but] I want to live and appear in season two.”

In other Squid Game news, the show’s other breakout star, model-turned-actress Jung Ho-yeon, recently became the Korean actress with the highest number of followers on Instagram. Jung has so far seen her Instagram following count rise from around 400,000 to over 13million at the time of writing.

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