Wilko Johnson: ‘I’d love to return to Game Of Thrones’

Singer who played Ser Ilyn Payne says a return ‘is certainly possible’.

Wilko Johnson says he would love his Game Of Thrones character Ser Ilyn Payne to return to the series.

Johnson played mute executioner Payne in the first two series of the Sky Atlantic drama, before the singer was diagnosed with cancer.

Payne is still alive in the show, and Johnson recovered from pancreatic cancer in 2014. Johnson told NME: “I’d certainly love to go back to Game Of Thrones. It was so much fun, and my character is still alive, so it’s certainly possible.”


Johnson added he received “lovely messages” from the show’s producers when he was in hospital. “There was talk about me going back,” he said.

Ser Ilyn Payne executed Sean Bean’s character Ned Stark in the first series of Game Of Thrones. Johnson said: “It’s the first time I’ve done any acting, but all I had to do was stare at people. Payne had had his tongue cut out, so I just had to glare at people with menace and swing a sword every now and again.”

When Johnson was diagnosed with cancer, it appeared to be terminal before he was able to announce his recovery after two years of treatment. During his illness, he made the joint album ‘Going Back Home’ with The Who singer Roger Daltrey.

Johnson, who made four albums between 1975-77 with his band Dr Feelgood, said he would be interested in making a second album with Daltrey.


Johnson, who has curated new Chess Records compilation ‘The First Time I Met The Blues’, said: “Another record with Roger isn’t impossible, but he’s a busy man. There is material, I’ve got it. But I don’t know when we could get together.” He added that ‘Going Home Again’ was made in the 11th month of his cancer treatment “and I’d only been given ten months to live”.

Johnson, who released his autobiography Looking Back At Me last week, said: “The first record happened in a moment. I don’t know if we could reconstruct that scenario again for a second record.”