‘Wonder Woman’ TV series dropped after pilot stage

NBC have not picked up 'Wonder Woman' series

The new TV version of Wonder Woman has been dropped at the pilot stage, according to reports.

Boston Legal writer David E Kelly had been developing a modern-day TV version of the comic book heroine for NBC, with newcomer Adrianne Palicki in the lead role. But now, according to Entertainment Weekly, the project has been canned.

The new version of Wonder Woman would have updated the action, casting alter-ego Diana Prince as the CEO of a major conglomerate by day and a crimefighting Amazon, with a fleet of aircraft at her disposal, by night.

NBC has not commented on why the series was not picked up, but reports suggest that the pilot did not play well to test audiences. There was also a backlash when Packi‘s costume was revealed. The design de-emphasised the patriotic US look of the movies, playing up the comic strip’s Greek mythology. The wardrobe department eventually went back to the drawing board, but it was not enough to save the series.

There has been more than one attempt to revive Wonder Woman in recent years. A big screen version masterminded by Joss Whedon never made it past the development stage.