Woody Allen wanted Miley Cyrus to star in Amazon series after watching ‘Hannah Montana’

"She is really a talented girl," the director says

Woody Allen has spoken about his reasons for including Miley Cyrus in the cast for his forthcoming Amazon series.

The show, which Allen has confirmed to be six half-hour episodes, is as-yet-untitled and is in the editing stages. Cyrus will co-star in the project alongside Elaine May.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Allen said he met Cyrus specifically for the show, after seeing her on Hannah Montana.


“I noticed years ago that my kids would be watching Hannah Montana. And I would say: “Who is that girl? She’s got such a good delivery. You know, she snaps those lines off so well. The show is a silly little show, but she’s very good at what she does”,” he said.

“And then she emerged as a singer, and someone showed me a little clip of hers from Saturday Night Live, and I said, “It confirms what I always thought about her: She is very good, she is really a talented girl.” She wanted to take some time off, but she [agreed to do the series] because the role interested her. So I met her right here [in the screening room].

There is currently no air date for Allen’s limited series.