‘X Factor’ contestant apologises for ‘bang bang bang’ comment after elimination

Monica Michael says her comment was 'insensitive' in the light of recent events

Eliminated X Factor contestant Monica Michael has apologised for an “insensitive” comment she made on last night’s show.

After being told she had been voted off the competition, the 26-year-old from north London saluted her fellow contestants by saying: “Class of 2015! Bang bang bang!”

On social media, many viewers branded her phrasing inappropriate in the light of Friday night’s tragic events in Paris, prompting Michael to post an apology.

Michael has been due to sing ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Down)’ on this week’s X Factor live show, but decided to change her song choice on Saturday morning in the wake of the Paris tragedy.

Prior to Michael’s unfortunate comment, the show’s co-host Olly Murs had prematurely announced her elimination from the competition. He has since apologised for what he admitted was a “massive fuck up”.