‘XO, Kitty’ viewers react to Netflix’s new rom-com: “I need at least two more seasons”

All ten episodes of the ‘To All The Boys’ spin-off are available to watch now

Viewers have taken to social media to react to Netflix’s newest rom-com, XO, Kitty.

XO, Kitty is a spin-off from Netflix’s To All The Boys, which in turn was adapted from Jenny Han’s best-selling novel of the same name, and went on to have two sequels.

Set a few years after the events of 2021’s To All The Boys: Always And Forever, XO, Kitty follows “teen matchmaker” Kitty Song Covey as she moves to Korea to reunite with her long-distance boyfriend. “She’ll soon realize that relationships are a lot more complicated when it’s your own heart on the line,” reads a synopsis.


XO, Kitty is definitely its own thing,” creator Jenny Han said in an interview with Netflix. “You could enter into this story just starting with XO, Kitty and be on Kitty’s journey as if you’re meeting her for the first time. She’s the big fish in a small pond, [and] she thinks she knows it all in Portland. Then she has a rude awakening when she’s put in a new place like Seoul. That’s very relatable and universal.”

All ten episodes of XO, Kitty were released on Netflix earlier this week (May 18) and the rom-com is already in the streamer’s Top Ten Most Watched chart.

“I’m really enjoying XO, Kitty and how it’s way more than just a lil Rom-Com,” wrote one fan. “Was about to say I need something cute, happy and fun to watch then saw XO, Kitty on my timeline, it’s so perfect,” added a second.

Fans are already calling for a second season. “I need at least two more seasons, pls do not play with me rn Netflix,” said one viewer. “Kinda obsessed with how the whole plot of XO, Kitty is a self proclaimed love expert getting real lessons in love, experiencing everything from first loves, to unrequited loves, all on the path to self discovery and possibly–finally–true love. But for that we need a season two,” added another.

Fans have also been praising Gia Kim, who plays queen bee Yuri, and Sang Heon Lee who stars as Min Ho. However many viewers were shocked to find out the pair are siblings in real life.


The soundtrack to XO, Kitty has also been getting a lot of love, with tracks from the likes of Seventeen, BTS, Blackpink and Stray Kids all featured.

“The soundtrack for XO, Kitty is so fucking good, I’m thriving,” said one fan. “The soundtrack was a whole kpop concert. I screamed when they played Twice,” added another while a third wrote: “This playlist is an absolute banger”

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