‘You’ fans think mystery woman could be key to season three storyline

Who is the woman on the other side of the fence?

Fans of Netflix series You think they might have cracked the storyline for the show’s third season.

Released on December 26, the highly anticipated second season of the Netflix original series captivated audiences over the holiday period – and those who have finished watching it are already speculating about what is going to happen in season three.

  • Warning! Spoilers for season two below.

Just as it looked like Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgely) might get his twisted take on a happily ever after, things took an unexpected turn in the final scene.


After Joe learns to trust Love Quinn (Victoris Pedretti), the Los Angeles chef that he had grown obsessed with and who later became pregnant with his daughter, the pair move in together in a suburban neighbourhood in California.

As Joe begins to wax poetic about his new life – and how it was all worth it to lead him to a new woman – he peeks through the fence shared by him and his next-door neighbour and he sees a woman with a stack of classic books writing in a journal. The mystery woman’s face is not revealed.

At first, many fans assumed the woman on the other side of the fence would be the subject of Joe’s next romantic infatuation, but there’s also another theory doing the rounds – and it involves Joe’s mother.

“I’m telling y’all the woman at the end is going to be Joe’s mom and not a new girl he’s obsessed with,” one fan shared on Twitter. “I think she disappeared and started a new family and Joe finally decided to track her down for obvious reasons… He’s absolutely stalking his mom in S3 #YouSeasonTwo”


Explaining her theory in a lot more depth, see the rest of the fan’s explanation below:

Joe’s childhood relationship with his mother, Sandy, is conveyed in multiple flashback sequences throughout You. Sandy promises that the two of them would run away from Joe’s abusive father, before a young Joe shoots and kills him. Shortly after, Sandy drops Joe off at a home for troubled youth, and Joe seemingly never had any contact with her in the years since.

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