‘You’ star Penn Badgley reacts to season three twist ending

Beware of spoilers

You star Penn Badgley has commented on the season three finale of the hit Netflix show.

Addressing the shock ending in which Badgley’s serial killer character Joe Goldberg attempts to start a new life in Paris with his lover Marienne, the actor joked he believes Joe will live “happily ever after”.

“I think if Joe finds Marienne, he’ll live happily ever after and have beautiful babies. He’ll learn to speak French, he’ll become a writer, they’ll spend a lot of time along the Seine and they’ll send their kids to school in Sweden,” Badgley told TVLine.


“No, I think Joe will remain the same. Someone this profoundly ill, disturbed, traumatized and violent has a serious hurdle before them if they’re ever going to heal and change. I don’t know if it’s possible for someone who’s that far gone.”

Showrunner Sera Gamble added of the show’s future: “Every season of the show is new place, a new conversation about love with a lowercase L. I would be excited to do a European season. I think that would be so fun.

“One of the questions we always ask on this show is, What pool of privileged douchebags do we want to throw Joe into next? And there are a lot of untapped pools around the world, if you just leave the borders of the United States.”

NME gave season three of You four stars, writing: “[You‘s writers have] managed to create an exhilarating third season of a show that, in other hands, would be a predictable slog.”

‘You’ season three is streaming now on Netflix