Youtube stars Joel and Lia apologise after being accused of ‘racism’ for video on London’s ‘most dangerous areas’

"On this occasion, we got it wrong"

Youtube stars Joel and Lia have apologised and deleted a video which caused controversy and was accused of racism for naming ‘the most dangerous areas of London’.

The pair run a Youtube channel called ‘Being British‘ on which they share videos discussing a variety of subjects relating to what’s ‘unique’ about living in London.

This week, they uploaded a video called ‘Which Areas Of London Are Dangerous’, which caused quite a stir online with some controversial comments. The video saw them claim that they felt scared while walking through Whitechapel but soon “realised” that the residents who wear head scarves are “just normal people” – adding that they”never feel safe in Manor House or Finsbury Park” and “get panicky” travelling past Wood Green.

The video was soon deleted after a backlash, due to the cultural background of many of the areas that they highlighted.

“From what I’ve gathered their views seem to be based on their upbringing (middle class, mainly white community, outside of London),” wrote one viewer on Twitter. “It’s a shame because they really don’t realise that they’re coming of incredibly racist/classist.”

Another added: “They deleted the tweet and the video, but will they be accountable and apologize for the racist and classist dog-whistle rhetoric that they used?”

The pair then issued a statement apologising for any offence caused.

“Yesterday it was brought to our attention that this was highly inappropriate as many of the places we mentioned have high BME percentages,” they said. “We are so sorry for any offence that it was caused. It truly wasn’t our intention at all and we know that on this occasion we got it wrong. We have let our followers down.”

They added: “We will work harder on providing more educated opinions in the future.”

Other recent controversy from fellow Youtube stars has seen Logan Paul have an interview pulled from BBC Radio One after the backlash to a video filmed in a ‘suicide forest’ in Japan, while PewDiePie was last week forced to apologise for posting a tweet mocking Demi Lovato after her reported overdose.