YouTuber slammed for water throwing prank amid rise in London acid attacks

This is the second water throwing prank video uploaded by the vlogger

A YouTuber has faced public criticism after filming a “prank” video in which he threw water in people’s faces.

In the video, Arya Mosallah, otherwise known as ItzArya, approaches strangers in a park to throw water from a bottle and subway cup.

The clip has been particularly criticised amid the rise in London acid attacks, many of which occur in a similar fashion.

Though the video has now been removed, a similar “prank” from June remains available on the site:

One Twitter user pointed out: “Given the rise in acid attacks of late, I find this to be extremely disturbing. The ‘YouTuber’ is aware of the current climate and has chosen to exploit that for some kicks. @YouTube should take action against him and definitely shouldn’t allow him to profit off causing distress.”

Another added: “With the amount of acid attacks in London.. how the hell did he think this was a good idea!? This isn’t a prank.. he’s straight up assaulting people! @YouTube should be striking peoples channels who do this type of shit in a move to deters others!”

Other videos created by Mosallah include “PANTSING PEOPLE” and “POURING KETCHUP ON PEOPLE’S SHOES”.

The criticism of Mosallah comes just weeks after vlogger Logan Paul was stripped of his top-tier advertising revenue and several YouTube deals for filming a suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest.

Despite removing the video and issuing an apology, viewers quickly pointed out that Paul had shown further instances of cultural insensitivity during his Japan trip, such as throwing Pokéballs at police officers.

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In November last year, TOWIE star Ferne McCann’s ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins was found guilty of throwing acid in a Dalston nightclub, leaving 22 people injured.