Zach Braff suggests a ‘Scrubs’ movie could be on the way

"The fans seem to really want it to happen"

Zach Braff has said there could be a Scrubs movie in the pipeline, if series creator Bill Lawrence and Disney, who own the show via ABC, would be interested in the idea.

The sitcom ran from 2001 to 2010 on NBC, focusing on the lives of trainee doctors and nurses at the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital.

On Fake Doctors, Real Friends, a podcast hosted by Braff and his co-star Donald Faison in which they rewatch the show, Braff said of a movie: “We talk about that, because I point to Psych, who’s now made 2 successful films. It would be fun.


“I think it would be fun for us to all do something like that. We just have to get Disney to be into it and Bill Lawrence to be into it. I think it will happen; the fans seem to really want it to happen.”

Braff recently told the BBC he thinks Scrubs is “way too un-PC”, admitting some of the comedy might read differently when watched today.

“Some of it is way too un-PC, I’m sure, for now,” Braff said. “We often cringe and go okay, you definitely couldn’t do that joke today.

“Sometimes even at the time things would get censored because the creators were trying to push things as far as they could on network television.”

All 182 episodes of the show, across nine seasons, began streaming on All 4, the on-demand streaming service for Channel 4, at the start of May.