Zach Galifianakis to star in Louis CK comedy pilot

The show is the first in a new deal signed by FX and the comedian's Pig Newton production company

Zach Galifianakis is set to star in a comedy show pilot penned by stand-up comedian Louis CK.

The show will be produced by CK’s Pig Newton company, reports Paste, and is being made for FX, the US network that funds CK’s own sitcom, Louie.

The new pilot comes as part of a deal signed by CK for FX last month, which sees CK’s production company developing a run of shows for FX, with the comedian given the option to write or direct any of the in-house productions for the channel.

Last year it was revealed that Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner was a huge Louis CK fan. Speaking to NME, Turner drew a link between stand-up comedy routines and his own songwriting. “There’s a definite rock’n’roll thing to that world,” Turner explained.

“There’s this thing where Louis CK is talking about George Carlin, who’s this famous American comedian who used to completely tear up his act at the end of every year and throw it out and write a whole new act. And in doing that you eventually run out of things to talk about. So you start looking inside to whatever darkness may lay there. And that’s where you end up going. I think there’s a weird symmetry with that and songwriting. Or at least there is for me.”