Zachary Quinto returning to ‘American Horror Story’

But the Spock actor will be playing a completely new character

Zachary Quinto will return for the second season of American Horror Story, it has been announced.

The actor, who is currently shooting the Star Trek sequel as Spock, will be back in Ryan Murphy’s hit show, following a scene-stealing four-episode stint last year as Harmon House’s doomed former owner.

However, like co-star Jessica Lange, who is also returning, Quinto will play a brand new character in the new series, which will be set in an institution on the US East Coast. Deadline reports that he will be one of two male leads, and a nemesis for Lange’s character.

Quinto made his name as a TV villain, playing serial killer Sylar in Heroes. He had previously expressed his desire to return: “I had an amazing time and I only did four episodes of the season, so it was just a little bit of an appetiser for me. I would love to work more.”

Three other actors from the first run of American Horror Story are also expected to return.