Zendaya says ‘Euphoria’ season two is “not going to be a fun watch”

"It's gonna to be hard and it's gonna be devastating"

Euphoria star Zendaya has warned that the upcoming second season “is not going to be easy” for fans.

While promoting her latest film Space Jam: A New Legacy, the actor was asked what fans should expect from the new season that she’s currently shooting.

“It’s a difficult season,” she told Teen Vogue. “It’s gonna to be hard and it’s gonna be devastating sometimes, but I think Rue really deserves all of that care when it comes to her character because I think she represents a lot for so many people.”


She continued: “I hope to make those people proud with our depictions of Rue [and] where all the characters go. I think this season’s not going to be easy, though.

“It’s not going to be a fun watch, I don’t think. Sometimes.”


Zendaya made history in 2020 as the youngest woman to win an Emmy for best actress in a drama series for her performance as Rue.

She describes the show as “very personal to, not only ourselves and all the people who work on it, but also, to other people who have been able to relate so deeply to the characters or see their experiences being reflected through Rue”.

Although details of the new season are being kept strictly under wraps, Zendaya’s co-star Sydney Sweeney has teased what to expect for her character Cassie.


“I can’t really talk about any of the scripts, but they’re amazing,” she told NME last year. “Cassie definitely goes through the wringer again. I know what happens [to her] but I don’t want to give it away.”

Zendaya recently addressed backlash from the redesign of her character, Lola Bunny, in Space Jam: A New Legacy.

“I definitely know we love her, but I didn’t know it was going to be as much of a focus as it was,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “But I understand, because she’s a lovable character. She’s very important, so I get it.”

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