Twitter debates whether Nelly is better than Drake

Both sides probably feel as though they won Twitter's great Nelly vs. Drake debate.

Rap fans on Twitter got stuck into a heated debate yesterday (January 17), comparing the relative greatness of Nelly and Drake for no apparent reason.

Nelly’s career obviously began earlier and peaked commercially with his 2000 debut album Country Grammar, which earned a diamond award for going 10 times platinum in the US.

Drake’s career highs have taken place in the streaming era, so none of his albums has sold nearly as well as Country Grammar. However, he has racked up four US Number One records albums in a row.

Last year, Drake’s single ‘One Dance’ spent 10 weeks on top in the US and 15 weeks on top in the UK. To date, it’s his only chart-topping single in the US, while Nelly has reached the top spot there four times – with ‘Dilemma’, ‘Hot In Herre’, ‘Grillz’ and ‘Shake Ya Tailweather’.

It’s also worth nothing that Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour has recently been named the highest-grossing in hip-hop history. Drake has also recently been hailed as 2017’s best-dressed man.

Below, check out a selection of opinions shared during Twitter’s great Nelly vs. Drake debate, which both sides probably feel as though they won.

Nelly’s fans are notoriously loyal. Last year they took to streaming his hit ‘Hot In Here’ on loop in a bid to help him pay off his tax bill.