Two limited vinyl LPs of ‘Definitely Maybe’ are being released to mark the 25th anniversary of Oasis’ debut album

"Original content" is also being made available throughout August

Two special vinyl LPs of ‘Definitely Maybe’ are being reissued to mark the 25th anniversary of Oasis‘ debut album.

A picture disc and a silver coloured LP are being released from August 30 to mark the album’s silver anniversary. You can view both below and pre-order the vinyl here.

Original content from the era is also being made available throughout August on the band’s official website.


Today (August 8) would have marked 25 years since the band released their third single ‘Live Forever’. ‘Definitely Maybe’ followed on August 29.

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher recently revealed his plans to sell his Oasis masters to the highest bidder.

Explaining what he plans to do once he owns the rights, Gallagher said: “Trust me, I will be selling mine to the highest bidder. Well, what am I going to keep them for? So my kids can benefit? No, no, I’m gonna sell them.

“I’m going to buy a plane, a yacht, I want a chimp with a top hat, and I’ll buy a rocket. And then I’ll leave the kids with the other stuff from the 2000s.”


In other Oasis news, the man who introduced members of the band to each other says it was actually Bonehead who created the band’s iconic sound, not Liam or Noel.

“People think it was Noel and Liam who created the sound of Oasis but it wasn’t – it was Bonehead,” said Paul ‘Bigun’ Ashbee. “Liam was the frontman, Noel was the poet who came later. It was a jigsaw puzzle. It was meant to be.

“’Definitely Maybe’ was Noel’s therapy, it was his poetry – but it was Bonehead’s core sound. I know because I’d heard it back when they were still called The Rain.”