Uber driver claims he turned down Margot Robbie’s offer to party with her

He says he didn't realise who she was until afterwards.

An Uber driver in Australia is kicking himself after turning down an offer to party with Margot Robbie.

Robert Bregnsdal from Queenslands’ Gold Coast told the Gold Coast Bulletin that he drove the actress and her husband, Tom Ackerley Carrara to Mermaid Beach this week.

He said he thought he recognised the actress, but because the pair were so “down to earth, normal, friendly and chatty” he assumed it wasn’t actually her – despite overhearing locals discussing if it was the actress when the couple jumped out to buy alcohol.


“After [the drive] she invited me to come to the house party,” he claims.

“I said no ‘cause I was going to see Star Wars with the boys. And her husband kind of chuckled like ‘Ha ha, you don’t realise who we are’.”

Robbie is famously private about her relationship with Ackerley, but a wedding ring Instagram post in December 2016 was thought to confirm their marriage.

Bregnsdal later posted about the incident on his Facebook status, after he says he confirmed it was the actress, using ‘Sophia’ as her Uber alias.

“Swear to god i just ubered Margot Robbie…. that or she has a twin,” he wrote.


“Update: can confirm it was her! And her bf/husband… probs one of the nicest ive met and very down to earth.

“We also talked about the word c*nt .. and she loves smirnoff double blacks haha.”

One of Bregnsdal’s friends commented: “Can you please cut out the fabric from the seat she was sat on and post it to the UK. I will then put the fabric in a hamster cage and keep it as a pet.”

Meanwhile, Margot Robbie recently spoke about the spate of sexual misconduct allegations made against Hollywood figures this year, saying they have nurtured a “sense of community” amongst actresses.

The actress has a fourth Harley Quinn project in the works – she played the character in last year’s ‘Suicide Squad’ movie, and has since been confirmed to reprise the role in the sequel, a spin-off centred around Harley and The Joker, and a Harley-focused ‘Gotham City Sirens’ film.

She also plays disgraced figure skater, Tonya Harding, in biopic, ‘I, Tonya‘, due in cinemas February 23, 2018.