Unity CEO promises that defence contracts will never lead to “loss of life”

Unity is the engine behind many massively popular games

Unity CEO John Riccitiello has addressed employees in a town hall meeting after it was revealed they had unknowingly worked on military contracts.

Details of the meeting were spotted by Vice and it was always planned, but the topic of discussion had to be changed after employees raised concerns about their work being used by the US military. They had been told the contracts were government contracts, but not for the Department of Defense.

“The majority of you are going to agree with what I have to say today. Some won’t. And while I know this will be difficult to hear for some, I understand that a few of you may determine that Unity is not the best fit for you.”


Valheim is developed in Unity Credit: Iron Gate Studio

Unity’s director of communications Marisa Graves then asked a question asked by employees. “A lot of employees are curious if A: Unity has worked on projects surrounding the simulation of using weapons, weaponized vehicles, training to harm other people or training soldiers?”

Riccitiello answered, saying “Well, training soldiers to do what? We definitely work on training. We don’t work on things that involve direct loss of life…training soldiers is a little broad. There are a lot of humanitarian things that soldiers do…there’s a lot of things you can train soldiers in, but training drones to kill people? No.”

An anonymous Unity employee who attended the meeting said, “John Riccitiello and his leadership team seem to be fully committed to bullshitting their way through this. They promised transparency in the town hall but delivered only lazy deflections.”

Employees are still concerned that their work may still have been used in combat, even if no one at the company has any knowledge of such implementations.


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