Watch Usain Bolt take on James Corden in ‘Drop The Mic’ rap battle

The fastest man in the world engaged in a lyrical tussle with the 'Late Late Show' host

Usain Bolt and James Corden squared off in a rap battle on last night’s episode of The Late Late Show.

The nine-time Olympic gold medalist appeared as a special guest on Corden’s late night US chat show, and agreed to take part in Corden’s ‘Drop The Mic’ sketch, which sees the host square off with one of his guests in a rap battle.

Despite Bolt’s great success on the track since 2008, Corden aimed a number of playful jibes about his Olympic career at the athlete, at one point asking Bolt: “What does it feel like to have a career that people only care about every four years?”


Bolt fired back: “I run my races in 10 seconds, you probably last that long in bed.”

Watch the ‘Drop The Mic’ skit below.

HipHopDX reports that the raps used in the battle were written by writers Jensen Karp, Eliza Skinner and Charlie Kesslering. There are also plans to bring ‘Drop The Mic’ to US television as its own series on TBS next year.

Usain Bolt is the subject of a new documentary, I Am Bolt, which is released in the UK on Monday (November 28).

The sprinter previously appeared on The Late Late Show back in September, when he took part in a 100m race with Corden, Owen Wilson and the show’s staff.