Get a first look at Tom Hardy in ‘Venom’

As Eddie Brock, anyway.

Sony launches its own Marvel Universe this year with Venom and fans have now got their first look at Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock / Venom.

The first image of Hardy as Eddie Brock was released to IGN, while he and the film’s director Ruben Fleischer gave fans a glimpse at the film’s set during Brazil Comic Con Experience via a live satellite link-up from Atlanta, GA.

“I’m here on the set of our film,” he told the cheering crowds.


“This is the San Francisco set, which as you know is where Eddie Brock is from.”

He continued: “Up until this point we’ve had a completely closed set, no visitors, no press, nobody’s been in here.

“So you guys are the first people in the entire world to visit our stages.”

Quizzed on which version of Venom Hardy would be playing, Fleischer said: “We want to be as true as possible to the comics with our film.


“But our story is primarily based on the Lethal Protector and the Planet of the Symbiotes books.”

Introducing his star, he added: “I can promise you badass action, Venom’s dark humour and I can also promise you an absolutely stunning performance by Tom Hardy.”

Hardy said: “I just wanted to say that I give you my word of honour that I’m going to do everything that I can to deliver the best Venom that I possibly can muster.

“I know how important he is to you and I know important he is to the Marvel Universe and I know how important this is for all of us here.”

Venom was previously played by Topher Grace in the poorly-received Spider-Man 3.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Spider-Man: Homecoming

The complicated issues around the rights to Spider-Man mean that Marvel Studios is not involved in Venom and it doesn’t strictly exist in the same world as Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Sony is refusing to close off a crossover, though, and has described its own movies as “adjunct” to the MCU.

Michelle Williams will play Eddie’s ex-wife Anne Weying, with Riz Ahmed also said to be in talks for a role.

Chronicle‘s Josh Trank had originally been tipped to direct the Venom movie way back in 2012 before the job went to Fleischer, who previously directed Zombieland.

Venom was confirmed alongside a number of other Spider-Man spinoff films the following year, with further progress reported on the project in 2016.

Venom is released in the US on October 5.