‘Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out’ will return for a full new series

A Christmas special airs on December 29

It was recently announced that Vic Reeves’ surreal comedy Big Night Out would return over Christmas for a one-off special. Now it’s been revealed that there will be an entire new series of the show too.

Originally broadcast on Channel 4 in 1990, the show was a TV adaptation of material performed by Reeves and comedy partner Bob Mortimer at clubs in the early days of their career.

The show will be re-titled Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out and will include classic sketches from the show’s original run – along with new features, musical numbers, skits and stunts.


The half-hour Christmas special airs on December 29 on BBC Two and Reeves has confirmed that the show will return for a full new series.

He told The Sun: “We’re going to start writing a full series of Big Night Out in January. We’ll spend next year on it.”


Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out is pretty much like Shooting Stars without the guests,” Reeves added. “TV audiences are a lot older now so if you do a bit of nostalgia, it’s always going to appeal to them.”

When announced earlier this year, the duo said that “the time is right” for the revival.