‘The Walking Dead’ delights fans with surprise cameo appearance during season finale

The final episode of season seven aired in the US last night, and will be broadcast in the UK tonight (April 3)

The Walking Dead delighted fans with a surprise cameo appearance during last night’s (April 2) season finale.

Full spoilers from the final episode of the current season of The Walking Dead are posted below – proceed with caution

The final episode of the AMC show’s divisive seventh season – entitled ‘The First Day of the Rest of Your Life’ – aired last night in the US, and will be broadcast in the UK on Fox tonight (April 3).


Walking Dead fans registered their delight at one particular aspect of the finale, which saw a deceased character make a surprise cameo appearance. Abraham Ford (played by Michael Cudlitz) returned to the show in a series of flashback sequences with his partner Sasha (Sonequa Martin), marking his first appearance on The Walking Dead since he was brutally murdered by Negan during the season premiere back in October.

Abraham’s fleeting reappearance on the show was positively received by a large number of Walking Dead fans, who delighted in seeing a long-serving character briefly return to the fold.



Meanwhile, Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple has promised to “melt minds” with the eighth season of the show – which is set to return in October.

“It’s gonna be bigger, it’s gonna be more intense,” Gimple said. “I always mean that, but this year it’s the same thing – more intense.”