‘The Walking Dead’ fans react as major character is killed off

Warning: here be spoilers...

Fans of The Walking Dead have expressed their shock after Jesus was killed off in the final episode before the show’s midseason break.

The shock moment came as Daryl, Aron and Jesus launched a desperate mission to locate Eugene, who had disappeared after being chased by a vicious herd of walkers.

But after finally locating Eugene in a cellar, things went badly wrong.  As Jesus and Aaron attempted to get him to safety, Daryl launched an effort to distract the herds of walkers that had followed them. Ultimately though, it all went pear shaped as Jesus bravely stayed behind to fight off the group and was stabbed through the back by humans who were sporting walker marks.


Although viewers have held out hope for Daryl’s return, actor Tom Payne has confirmed that he won’t be returning.

“I know people will be disappointed and shocked,” he told the Holywoood Reporter. “But I’m happy.”

Posting on Twitter, one fan wrote: “I can’t believe they killed off Jesus in tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. I lost it when he died. We will miss you Jesus, you were a bad ass.”

Another said: “The entire graveyard scene was the most intense moment of this entire episode. I can’t believe that Jesus was killed in this episode! The Whisperers have made their voices be heard and Negan is returning to Sanctuary.”


The departure of Jesus comes just weeks after Andrew Lincoln left as lead character Rick Grimes. Although it was feared that Grimes would meet a bloody end, he made a lucky escape before it was confirmed that he will return in a series of separate Walking Dead movies.

“There is more story to tell and we’ll be telling it”, The Walking Dead’s content chief Scott M.Gimple told The Hollywood Reporter.

“The story of Rick will go on in films. Right now, we’re working on three but there’s flexibility in that.”


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