Watch ‘The Walking Dead”s Steven Yeun discuss his role on the show as Glenn

The hit AMC show opened its seventh season on Sunday (October 23) with an explosive episode

The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun has discussed his role as fan favourite Glenn on the show in a new TV interview.

The hugely-popular zombie series opened its seventh season on Sunday (October 23), revealing to viewers who was killed by the show’s latest villain, Negan.

Full spoilers for The Walking Dead, Season 7 Episode 1 are posted below – proceed with caution


Yeun’s character was killed by Negan – along with Abraham (played by Michael Cudlitz) – during Sunday’s explosive opening.

Speaking on the Conan show in the US yesterday (October 27), Yeun revealed that the outpouring of grief from Walking Dead fans on social media almost made him feel “dead in real life.”

“It was pretty bad,” Yeun told the eponymous host about filming his death scene after serving seven years on the show. “Watching all your friends [The Walking Dead cast] cry and go through it. But I got to bug my eye out, which was pretty cool!”

Yeun also discussed how his role on The Walking Dead has affected his everyday life, revealing that he’s “learned to navigate” the trappings of fame better in the past few years.

Watch the interview clips with Yeun below, as well as a sketch that sees the actor take on his first post-Walking Dead role as a stand-in for Conan during rehearsals.


Meanwhile, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on The Walking Dead, has revealed that shooting the opening episode of the new season of the show was “an emotionally draining” experience.