Warner Bros planning ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ remake

Robert Zemeckis has been approached to direct the movie

Warner Bros are planning a remake of 1939 classic The Wizard Of Oz.

The studio have approached Back To The Future director Robert Zemeckis to direct the live-action movie, reports Deadline.com.

Details on the remake are scarce, but the original Noel Langley script will reportedly be used.

The next few years will see a glut of The Wizard Of Oz-related movies coming out. Disney have the Sam Raimi-directed The Great And Powerful Oz in the works, while Drew Barrymore is signed up for Surrender Dorothy, which follows the adventures of the main Dorothy character’s great great granddaughter.

Zemeckis is working on a 3D remake of The Beatles‘ 1968 movie Yellow Submarine, due out in 2012.