‘Warzone’ players discover Homelander’s laser vision is too overpowered

With great power comes great irritation

Warzone‘s crossover with Amazon Prime Video‘s The Boys added superpowers to the game, including Homelander’s laser vision, but players are aggrieved over the fact that the ability is too effective against enemies.

The Temp V field upgrades grants one of four powers inspired by The Boys characters – Charge Jump, Electric Shockwave, Teleport and Laser Vision. The last of those is intended to leave the player vulnerable to backfire, however, players are quick enough that when the power is activated they use positioning to eliminate the person trying to get an advantage on them.

Furthermore, Temp V field upgrades are common, so there are a lot of players using the powers at any one time in the match and skewing the odds significantly in their favour.


As a result, Call of Duty fans are arguing that Homelander’s laser vision should be tweaked to make things fairer in the game. Additionally, some have suggested that the crossover should have been kept in a limited time mode so that players who don’t wish to engage with the superpower content have the choice to opt out.

Homelander will become a playable Operator on July 16 and Black Noir will be available from July 20. Starlight is already in Warzone with three weapon blueprints, a finishing move, a weapon charm, a weapon sticker, a loading screen, and an emblem priced at 2,400 CoD Points (£16.79).

There is trepidation, though, over the arrival of Black Noir in Warzone as monocoloured skins add an accidental competitive advantage. The Roze skin incurred a lot of ire for its colour palette that allowed the players using the skin to hide in dark areas of the map. Due to the style of Black Noir’s costume, this Operator might run this same risk of becoming a unwelcome addition to the game.

In other gaming news, a Destiny 2 player who targeted a Bungie employee with racist abuse has been ordered to pay almost £373,000 in damages.

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