Watch The 1975’s Matty Healy open up about their latest single and upcoming new album in revealing new interview

"It's about's quite sombre."

Matty Healy has opened up about The 1975’s latest single, ‘Frail State of Mind’ in a revealing new interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1. You can watch the new interview below.

As well as this, Healy also gave an update about the band’s upcoming new album, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ and discussed his “inspiriting” recent meeting with Greta Thunburg.

Speaking about their latest single, which NME said “speaks very realistically to our modern condition”, Healy told Lowe about how the single was inspired by the “fragility” the band felt when things started to get “big.” Healy also revealed that the song was about “anxiety.”


Healy said: “I think [this song is] the perfect example of when a ‘Brief Inquiry’ happened…[when] it all starts to feel very big…we were always reaching for the stars creatively. So there’s that but it was almost like we kind of just closed the door on the world a little bit and just went into this record.

“I think there was like a maybe a fragility to us, because maybe we were a little bit frightened or something. And I think that, well I mean the song’s called ‘Frail State of Mind’, it’s about anxiety…it’s quite sombre.”

He added: “It kind of blends between euphoria and UK Garage and yeah, it goes from a real sadness to a real euphoria. I think that this record…again, is going back to a place where we grew up…I very much channeled, kind of like 17, 18 year old me and George [Daniel, drummer], that’s kind of been the vibe, and I’m really enjoying it.” You can watch the clip here.

The 1975 Matty Healy
The 1975’s Matty Healy

Healy went on to give an update about the band’s eagerly anticipated next album and their next single, ‘Me and You Together Song.’

Revealing that the album was “not finished”, Healy said he wasn’t sure if people would get a feel for the album based on the single’s that have been released so far.


“So we’ve got ‘Frail State of Mind’ coming out and then we’ve just decided on the next one. And I’m a nightmare for that because I’m like, ‘you can’t, people will not understand.’ …We can’t put out this record and be like…’hey this is what the record’s like’ because it’s not finished while half of it’s coming out, and it’s also like all over the place. And the next one’s like a completely different tone.”

Speaking about ‘Me and You Together Song’, Healy added: “It’s really lovely. It’s sad of course, but it’s really lovely. I wrote it for that film I started writing…but I haven’t done anything about it besides make this. But yeah, this is really exciting at the moment because we’re just kind of like collecting songs that we love and just putting them out.”

Greta Thunberg and The 1975’s Matty Healy

On meeting and working with Greta Thunberg recently, Healy added: “I was just proud to be in her presence, man. Proud to be associated with somebody of such nobility. So it’s really cool.”

He added: “Meeting her really installed this hope within me. Well you just feel like there’s a kind of Sisyphean element to life, and it gets a bit weird. But I think that installed a bit of hope in me and I’m quite lucky because I’m quite like…Carnally led, which means that I’m bad with stuff like drugs and all that stuff I’ve mentioned. But I’m very led by how I feel physically, and music really gets me going.

“So I’ll have a moment every day, hopefully I have a moment when making music where I go, “Oh yeah. And there is a point.” Even if it’s just this, there is a point to it.”

Reviewing the group’s latest track, NME wrote: “The 1975’s latest also bears similarities to ‘I Like America And America Likes Me’, the politically-charged track from ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ in which Healy tackled gun control and “being young in the city”. Part of the latter experience in major metropolitan environments, whether in the UK or abroad, involves fear to some extent – the fear of being shot, stabbed, mugged, assaulted, or other.

“It’s unclear exactly why Healy is feeling the way he is in ‘Frail State Of Mind’ or why he “always get[s] this way sometimes”, but, if anything can ruin a good night out or set off a mental collapse, it’s anxiety and dread. In that way, The 1975 have once again made something that speaks very realistically to our modern condition.”