Watch Britney Spears get mobbed in Israel

Singer performed in Tel Aviv last night (July 3)

Britney Spears has reportedly been mobbed during her tour of Israel.

The singer last night (July 3) performed a concert in Tel Aviv and ahead of the gig she took a walk to visit the Western Wall, which led to “chaos”, with “hundreds of people,” grabbing and clutching at the singer.

Conflicting sources claim that the singer cancelled a dinner meeting at the residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following the incident while others said “those close to Spears were furious over reports of the cancellation, saying that it was the Prime Minister’s Office’s fault as it had rushed to put out a press release despite never receiving confirmation from the Spears camp that the meeting was to take place”.

Earlier this year, it was reported that last night’s concert would delay the primary for the Israeli Labour Party.

Concerts in Israel have caused controversy in recent months with many bands urged to avoid performing in Israel in protest of the country’s occupation of Palestinian land.

Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters in particular has been vocal on the subject most recently joining a host of artists who wrote an open letter by Artists For Palestine UK urging The Chemical Brothers to pull out of a recent show.

Radiohead were one of the bands to recently announce a gig in Israel this summer, which also led to a row with Artists For Palestine and actor Ken Loach.

Yorke’s band are due to play a show at Tel Aviv’s Park Hayarkon on July 19.