Watch Cartman from ‘South Park’ parody Logic’s ‘1-800-273-8255’

He appears to mimic the rapper's MTV VMA's performance.

‘South Park’ is currently on its 21st season and the show is proving as controversial as ever.

The latest episode parodies rapper Logic’s suicide prevention song, ‘1-800-273-8255’, which also features Alessia Cara and Khalid.

In the episode, the class are trying to raise awareness of texting and driving, but Cartman interrupts his classmates by jumping on the intercom, saying: “Hey guys, let’s take a minute and talk about suicide prevention.


“There’s probably somebody at this school thinking about killing himself, and it’s not funny. You better take it serious, or he might actually do it.’

Cartman then appears dressed in the same outfit Logic wore for his performance of the track at this year’s MTV VMAs.

“I’ve been feeling sad, I’ve been being sad, can’t talk to my mum, don’t even have a dad. I can’t go on, what is living for? My heart screams, ‘I don’t wanna live no more’,” Cartman sings.

“Eric, we don’t want you to die. Eric, give life a try,” his classmates sing back at him.

He also closes his performance with a speech, much like Logic did at the VMAs, which was the least watched show in the award ceremony’s history.


Logic recently made a cameo on ‘Rick and Morty‘, in the ‘Vindicators 3: The Return of World-Ender’ episode.

Last week’s ‘South Park’ season premiere saw Jim Bob parody Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’.

The latest episodes join a long line of South Park musical parodies, including LordeRadioheadKanye West and many more.

The creators of ‘South Park’ recently spoke about the “headfuck” of satirising the US presidential election.