Watch Chris Pratt take down an ungrateful celebrity autograph hunter

"C'mon man, don't be a jerk," actor tells a disgruntled fan

Chris Pratt called out an ungrateful celebrity autograph hunter during a recent encounter at LAX.

In video footage shot by TMZ, the Jurassic World actor is seen pausing to sign autographs for a number of autograph hunters waiting outside the airport.

However, one of the hunters evidently upsets the actor as he is about to shut his car door, because Pratt is then shown saying: “You’re cussing me out now? I’m talking to you. You should be nicer, you have a cross on your chest man.”

“I just made you guys a bunch of money right now,” Pratt adds before his driver whisks him away. “C’mon man, don’t be a jerk.” Watch below.

Pratt and wife Anna Faris recently welcomed Courtney Love into their home and were treated to an impromptu jam session in their kitchen. The singer performed ‘Never Go Hungry’ from Hole’s 2010 album ‘Nobody’s Daughter’ when she visited their house to record an episode of Faris’s podcast Anna Faris Is Unqualified, and shared a clip of her performance on Instagram. Watch here.

Chris Pratt’s latest film, western remake The Magnificent Seven in which he co-stars with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, arrives in cinemas this Friday (September 23).