Watch Deadpool interrupt Gary Lineker on Match Of The Day

"Gary, that good for you? Better than Alan Shearer?"

Deadpool – played by Ryan Reynolds – appeared on Match Of The Day yesterday (May 20) to interrupt Gary Lineker with a targeted message during the FA Cup Final.

Promoting the release of Deadpool 2 in theatres, Ryan Reynolds’ character appearing on UK TV is just one slice of the film’s relentless marketing campaign.


Deadpool begins, sitting in front of a green-screened stadium: “My name is Deaddingtonpool Smythe, the 12th Baron of Old Fordinghamshire-ham-shire, and I’m dead excited to welcome you to the FA Cup Final”.

He finishes the segment by yelling off-camera: “Gary, that good for you? Better than Alan Shearer?”

Watch the segment from the Merc With The Mouth below.

Deadpool 2 reportedly had one of its post-credits scenes cut after test audiences found it too uncomfortable. The scene featured Hitler as a baby as Deadpool stands in a newborn ward, next to a crib with that name “A Hilter” written on the tag. It switches to baby Hitler’s point of view as Deadpool strangles him.

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Meanwhile, Deadpool 2’s film score has received a parental advisory warning.

The official soundtrack includes five tracks titled – ‘Holy Shit Balls’, ‘You Can’t Stop This Mother Fucker’, ‘Make The Whole World Our Bitch’, ‘Pity Dick’, and ‘Courage Mother Fucker’ – as well as some other less offensively titled songs.