Watch Donald Glover, Ryan Gosling and more struggle to keep it together on ‘SNL’ blooper reel

The US comedy show has released a compilation of mishaps from the most recent series

The mishaps of Donald Glover, Ryan Gosling, Tiffany Haddish and more have made it onto a new SNL blooper reel.

The long-running US comedy show is currently on its annual summer break, but network NBC has shared some of the outtakes from filming on the most recent series.

In the video, Glover appears twice – once in a parody of A Quiet Place and again as a member of Migos. Both times he is unable to keep a straight face while filming. Gosling, who struggled to hold back his laughter while appearing as a guest host, also appears twice. In one sketch, he is seen in shades and a studded denim jacket, trying to say “Jeans, you don’t know me” without giggling. Watch the video below.


SNL star Pete Davidson recently got engaged to Ariana Grande after only a month of dating. He was later criticised by her fans after it emerged he had joked about the Manchester Arena bombing during one of his stand-up shows.

Glover, meanwhile, was in London this weekend (July 14) as he headlined Lovebox Festival under his musical alias, Childish Gambino. During his set, he praised the baby Donald Trump balloon which had featured as part of a protest against the US President’s visit to the city.

“I was very proud to see that big balloon [of Trump],” he told the crowd. “That shit is unfair. But the scary part is you gotta fight for that shit. I know it’s scary as people with a bunch of technology and data to fight for shit because you know what happens to people who fight for shit. You have to stick together because we’re stronger together. I want you guys to know that.”