Watch exclusive deleted scenes from ‘Family Guy’ season 17

The new season is out on DVD now

To mark the release of ‘Family Guy‘ season 17 on DVD, check out four exclusive deleted scenes from the series in the video above.

‘Family Guy’ season 17 is released on DVD today (November 6 – order it here), and comes with a host of unseen extras.

In the brilliant scenes cut from the show, fans get the chance to experience Peter Griffin’s unusual taste in audio books, what happens to adulterous talking eggs, why Peter should not be trusted to park a car, and why stand-up comedy might not be his greatest skill.


Other extras on the DVD include tributes to the late, great ‘Star Wars’ icon Carrie Fisher and Family Guy’s own Mayor Of Quahog Adam West.

'Family Guy' season 17
‘Family Guy’ season 17

Across the 20 episodes of the latest season, fans can follow the action as Peter tries his hand at being a a mall Santa, Quagmire fulfils his dream of being a gigolo, Stewie and Brian’s attempt of running a bed and breakfast soon becomes a brothel, and the cast give a typically NSFW ‘Family Guy’ spin on re-enacting American literary classics. Celebrity guest voices in season 17 include Rob Gronkowski, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea, Stephen Curry and many more.

Carrie Fisher recorded two new ‘Family Guy’ appearances before she died.

Creator Seth MacFarlane paid tribute to the actor after news of her death was confirmed. He described Fisher as “smart, funny, talented, surprising, and always a hell of a fun time to be around” and said Family Guy “will miss her immensely”.