Watch Father John Misty’s surprisingly-not-awkward BBC Breakfast interview

Josh Tillman was uncharacteristically docile in this morning interview.

Father John Misty provided an unexpectedly calm interview on BBC One’s Breakfast morning talk show while promoting the release of his new album, Pure Comedy.

The artist otherwise known as Josh Tillman has created a track record for himself as a difficult interviewee, responding to simple questions with often sarcastic and obtuse responses. The most famous of which was his awkward clash with 6 Music’s Mark Radcliffe last year.

However, Josh’s appearance on BBC Breakfast, while still wry, was generally good natured. He started the interview with a bit of self-deprecation, asking the interviewers: “does someone who calls himself Father John Misty have a good reason for doing anything?”

Watch Father John Misty’s interview on BBC Breakfast.

The topic of conversation veered into his appearance on Jools Holland, “It was a blur but I do remember he complimented my shoes” and how Josh characterises his own music “I’ve been describing my music to cab drivers as sarcastic Michael Bublé for years now”.

But that didn’t stop the singer-songwriter taking a few friendly jabs at the interviewers as he’s known to do. When asked how he picks his subject matter for songs, Josh revealed that he has “a giant wheel in his house with topics and keys and that seems to work”.

The conversation inevitably moved onto Donald Trump whose rise FJM attributes to the “inundation of entertainment”.

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Father John Misty releases his third album ‘Pure Comedy’ on April 7 and is appearing at the BBC 6 Music Festival this weekend alongside Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp and Warpaint.

The contrarian songwriter also performed a few unheard tracks from Pure Comedy at a show in Amsterdam, reports Pitchfork. Check out the live footage.

Once in a lifetime Father John Misty in Paris

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