Watch five-year-old Foo Fighters fan own the stage after he’s invited up by Dave Grohl

That's some way to mark your first gig, Taylor.

A five-year-old at his first ever gig wowed Foo Fighters fans when he was invited up on stage by Dave Grohl.

The boy, named Taylor, was asked on stage by Grohl when he spotted him in the crowd at the band’s show in Belfast last night (August 19).

Wearing ear protectors, Taylor bust some impressive moves during ‘All My Life’ at the show at Vital Festival at Boucher Road Playing Fields in the Northern Irish capital.


Playing a specially-speeded up version of the song in time to Taylor’s dancing, Grohl yelled “Alright, kid, let me see those moves!” as the crowd lapped up the performance.

The band were so impressed that they retweeted fan-filmed footage of Taylor’s performance.

The show was part of Foo Fighters’ series of festivals in the UK, which followed Grohl’s epic solo show at the relaunch of Club NME on Friday.

Grohl was joined by Rick Astley for his incredible set at the tiny Moth Club in East London, where Grohl covered Astley’s 80s classic ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ with the veteran popster joining him on drums.

Astley continued drumming on a selection of Foos classics including ‘Everlong’ and ‘Best Of You’ at the exclusive show for Club NME.


Further good news for Foos fans has come with the announcement that the band are planning their first album since 2017’s ‘Concrete And Gold’. Drummer Taylor Hawkins said the band plan to release a new album in 2020.

Hawkins told Rocksound: “From what I’ve heard from our fearless leader Dave Grohl, he has a lot of demos that he’s worked on and I think we’ll start, once this tour is over. I think not too soon after that we’ll start the process of putting the songs together as a band.

“It’s a long process, we do a lot of demoing and stuff, but I think that we’ll have, I’m hoping, I think we’ll have a new record by next year. We should.”

The new album would be the Foos’ 10th studio record in total.

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters play at Reading And Leeds Festival this weekend. You can see the stage times for the festival here.