Watch Franz Ferdinand team up with very special guest for ‘Feel The Love Go’ TV performance

The Scottish band bring some sax-synth goodness to the screen

Franz Ferdinand joined forces with No Wave icon and former Contortions frontman James Chance for a TV performance of ‘Feel The Love Go’. Check out the clip below.

Following the release of their acclaimed 2018 album ‘Always Ascending‘, the synth-rock Scots took to the stage to perform the single on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

With the bouncing cut peppered with bursts of sax, Alex Kapranos and co recruited Chance to help bring the tune to life. The live version grows more intense as it reaches its climax, which sees Chance on his knees in front of the crowd.

Off the back of festival appearances this summer, Franz Ferdinand will hit London’s Roundhouse on September 26 in support of their latest record.

Praising the band’s reinvention on ‘Always Ascending‘, NME wrote: “Franz’s trademark guitars are there, but not at the forefront. Instead synths are at the heart, alongside an irresistible dedication to having a good time.”

“We wanted to take the sounds that are available to us now and make the sound that you haven’t heard before – the sound of the future,” frontman Alex Kapranos told NME of their approach to their latest album. “When you’re recording in 2017 you need to be looking ahead to the next thing. What haven’t people even heard in 2018? In terms of ‘naturalistic’, it’s not retrogressive but it’s about trying to make something that feels like it’s being played by humans.”