Watch Gerard Way share his original idea for ‘The Umbrella Academy’ 15 years ago

All aboard the MCR tour bus...

Footage has been unearthed of Gerard Way discussing The Umbrella Academy while on tour with My Chemical Romance 15 years ago.

Way’s Eisner Award-winning comic book series – first published in 2007 – has recently been adapted by Netflix, arriving on the streaming platform last Friday (February 15). The show sees Ellen Page star as Vanya Hargreeves, while Tom Hopper appears as Luther Hargreeves.

Now, footage has emerged of the musician discussing his original idea way back in 2004.


The Umbrella Academy – Credit: Netflix

“I’m working on a comic,” explains Way in a video shot aboard My Chemical Romance’s tour bus. “It’s about superheroes because I’ve never done superheroes before.”

The discussion begins at around the 1:40:00 mark in the video below (via Rock Sound).

Elaborating on his idea and referencing the character Klaus, he adds: It’s kind of like X-Men… This one I’m working on is called The Séance – and he’s a guy who uses a ouija board to contact dead superheroes. And they get his powers when they possess him.”

Describing the character Luther, known as Spaceboy/Number One in the comic, Way explains: “And I’ve got this guy called – I think I’m gonna call him The Darwinist or something… or Dr. Darwin.


“He’s a guy who got into an accident and they had to put his head on the body of a gorilla. And he has to wear this apparatus to keep himself alive – kind of like an iron lung. But he gets all of the abilities of a super-human gorilla.”

Earlier this week, eagle-eyed fans spotted a Gerard Way easter egg in the first episode of The Umbrella Academy.