Watch Gucci Mane urge young people to get out and vote

“Young people have an opportunity to make a big difference tomorrow”

Gucci Mane encouraged young people to vote in a speech at a Florida college last night.

The Atlanta rapper urged an audience of students to get out and vote following a concert together with T.I. and Rick Ross at Florida Memorial University yesterday.

The 36-year-old starkly highlighted the issues at stake at this year’s US election, telling the crowd of South Florida’s historically African-American college to vote to protest police brutality and mass incarceration.

“Young people have an opportunity to make a big difference tomorrow,” Gucci said. “And not just any young people. The young people in this room. Young people of color. Young people who come from neighborhoods surrounding this college. Tomorrow, be down here to vote. Vote not because I’m telling you to. Or not because anybody is telling you to. But vote because this is about y’all future. You can make a vote to stop all the police brutality. You can make a vote to stop all this mass incarceration.”

Gucci went on to say he wished he had the chance to vote today.

“All these issues are not just personal to you and your families, they impact me,” he said. “I wish that I had my right to vote. I feel like after you serve your time, don’t punish me for the rest of my life. It’s something that I already did my time for.”

The 1017 Records founder is ineligible to vote in the state of Georgia until the end of his probation period. He was released from prison in May after serving a two year sentence for possession of a firearm.