Watch heavy metal singer keep performing after breaking both feet

Trap Them frontman Ryan McKenney jumped off a speaker stack

The frontman of Trap Them has gained respect among the heavy metal community after continuing to perform, despite after breaking both of his feet while on stage.

Trap Them were performing at Bloodshedfest in the Netherlands when Ryan McKenney, known for his chaotic on stage antics, jumped from the top of a speaker stack.
Footage has not yet emerged of the accident itself, but one fan has shared a photo of McKenney just before he leapt from the stack – giving an idea of the sheer height of his jump.

His jump saw the band continue to perform and finish their set despite breaking both his feet, with McKenney using monitors to prop himself up and visibly in pain:


This photo shows Trap Them performing in London days later, showing the true extent of McKenney’s injuries, as he played with a bruised face, black eyes and both of his feet in a cast:

Similarly, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl made headlines when he continued to perform after breaking his leg during a gig in Gothenburg, Sweden back in 2015. As a result, the band were forced to cancel a show at Wembley Stadium and their headline slot at Glastonbury that year. They’ve been rumoured to return ever since


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