Watch Katy Perry get stuck in floating stage malfunction

Singer was performing at a gig in Nashville

Katy Perry got stuck in mid-air after a floating platform malfunctioned on her world tour.

The singer was performing ‘Thinking Of You’, above the audience on a model of the planet Saturn at a gig at Nashville’s Bridgewater Arena, when she was left stranded in mid-air. You can watch footage of the malfunction below.

“This is the first time I’ve been stuck in space,” she joked. “I know I’m kind of a space cadet but actually, this thing is stuck.

“What should I do? Should I tell some jokes, should I tell some stories, should I just sing another song?”

As stage hands tried to work out how to rescue her, Perry added: “You’d better put your phones up, it’s a YouTube moment!”

As she continued to dangle in the air, the singer said that she was getting constant updates from “the voice of God in my ear”.

She was eventually lowered down just above the above the audience before the singer said: “I guess I’m just going to have to get down and walk amongst my people. I love this so much, This is what you get for trying to bring out all of space to Nashville.” Perry then dived into the crowd before climbing back onstage.

Earlier this year, one of the singer’s dancers fell off stage during her performance at the BRIT Awards.

The performer, who was dressed as a house, slipped off the stage during Perry’s live rendition of ‘Chained To The Rhythm’.

Meanwhile, the first seven shows of the singer’s ‘Witness’ tour were postponed last month due to production delays.

The whole thing was meant to begin in Columbus, Ohio on September 7, but didn’t get underway until September 19 when Perry performed in Montreal.

The tour will arrive in the UK on June 14 2018, when the singer will perform the first of two shows at London’s The O2.