Watch Kristen Wiig flog ‘Youth Milk’ moisturiser in foul-mouthed ‘Zoolander No. 2’ trailer

"What if you could turn back time and be baby again?"

Kristen Wiig’s Zoolander No. 2 character is the star of a new trailer for the film, which is set for release on February 12.

In the mock infomercial, Wiig plays her cod-Russian character, an elderly beauty tycoon named Alexanya Atoz, who is the head of the ‘House of Atoz’.

“Inside our state-of-the-art labia[tory] are many cocks,” she says, “cocking up special lotions you can pump all over your face.”

See the trailer below.

A previous trailer for the film was styled as a spoof perfume advert and included a clip of Wiig’s character greeting Will Ferrell’s villainous character from the original film, Mugatu.

The eagerly-anticipated sequel follows Ben Stiller’s Derek Zoolander and Owen Wilson’s Hansel McDonald as they struggle to find their place in the cutthroat modern fashion world, before a secret agent played by Penelope Cruz recruits them to infiltrate a dangerous organisation which is systematically killing off the world’s “beautiful people”.

Writer-director-star Ben Stiller shot the film in Rome last year from a script he has co-written with his Tropic Thunder collaborator Justin Theroux. Alongside Stiller and Wilson, Will Ferrell and Christine Taylor are also reprising their roles from the original Zoolander film.

New to the franchise are Cruz, Kristen Wiig and Portlandia’s Fred Armisen, while Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ariana Grande and Willie Nelson have all signed up for cameos.

Released in 2001, the original film followed Stiller’s Derek Zoolander as he got sucked into a plot by corrupt fashion executives to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Stiller’s film has gained a sizeable cult following in the years since its release.