Watch LCD Soundsystem’s long-awaited SNL performance

James Murphy and Co. brought the band's new songs to Studio 8H.

LCD Soundsystem made their ‘Saturday Night Live’ debut last night (May 7) as they performed two new tracks from their upcoming, untitled new album.

Despite being a band synonymous with New York, James Murphy and his bandmates had never played the live comedy show which is regarded as a New York institution.

On the episode, hosted by ‘Star Trek’ star Chris Pine, the band set up in Studio 8H to perform their two new songs: “Call The Police” and “American Dream”.


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Watch the performances below.

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The band unveiled the studio versions of those two new songs earlier this week (May 5) as well as giving fans an update on the status of the new LCD album.

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‘American Dream’ and ‘Call The Police’ made their live debut during LCD Soundsystem’s five-night residency in New York. Read our review of the show here.


“We’re releasing two songs tonight at midnight (and I mean, literally, midnight. Wherever you are. So, like, Australia first, and so on and so forth) via the digital things that people use now on their devices,” wrote James Murphy on Facebook. “These songs are named ‘Call The Police’ and ‘American Dream’. We played them both at Brooklyn steel. They’re new.”

Read NME‘s review of the tracks here.

Murphy continued: “As eager as folks have been for me to get this done, it’s got nothing on how much I want to be finished myself,” he continued. “It’s been one of the most enjoyable records to make in my life, if not the most fun ever (I think it is, for sure, the happiest I’ve ever been making a record).”

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In terms of an actual release date, Murphy could not confirm but he did say that the band were “seriously almost done with the LP,”‘ and they had “one more vocal and two more mixes to go”.