Watch Liam Gallagher change ‘Shockwave’ lyrics in dig at Noel and Bono on stage in France

"it's all about you and Bono"

Liam Gallagher changed the lyrics to his recent single ‘Shockwave’ on stage in France this week, having a dig at his brother Noel and Bono in the process.

The Oasis pair have come to blows significantly over recent weeks, and Liam took the opportunity to stick the knife in a little more at a festival performance at the Carcassonne Festival over the weekend.

The lyrics of ‘Shockwave’s second verse normally read “Backstabbed all your friends/And yes it’s all about who you know“. On this occasion, he sang: “Backstabbed all your friends and yes it’s all about you and Bono“. Watch footage of the event below.

As well as the obvious ongoing drama between Liam and Noel, the dig at Bono refers to Noel’s friendship with the U2 frontman, and having supported the band with his High Flying Birds.

Liam’s most recent dig at his brother came in a surreal new video which showed him eating soup with a fork.

The video is presumably referencing Noel’s insult of Liam from back in 2009, in which Noel branded him “a man with a fork in a world of soup.”

Liam is set to release his upcoming second solo album ‘Why Me? Why Not’ later this year before taking it on a UK arena tour featuring slowthai as support.