Watch ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ cast members reunite for Burger King commercial

Napoleon and Pedro star in the ad

Two of the stars of cult hit comedy film Napoleon Dynamite have reunited for a television commercial.

A new Burger King advert features Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) and Efren Ramirez (Pedro) chowing down on tater tots. True to character, Heder asks if he can have one before casually reaching over and grabbing a whole handful.

The clip was produced by Honor Society and director Lucas Spaulding.


The comeback of the decade is here: Cheesy Tots. For a limited time now at Burger King.

The potato bites were Napoleon’s snack of choice in the 2004 film. Watch the famous tots scene below.

In 2012, an animated television show that picks up where the film left off aired on Fox in the US and E4 in the UK. However, the series received mixed reviews and was cancelled after six episodes.

Heder has expressed an interest in reprising his role in a sequel.

“Nothing’s written on paper,” he said in a recent interviewed with the BBC. “It’s written in the stars. We have yet to translate the stars. But, who knows? It could happen. I feel that the stories of Napoleon aren’t completely over.”

Herder most recently starred in comedy-thriller Ghost Team, while Ramirez has appeared in animated sitcom Bordertown and teen comedy Varsity Punks.

Napoleon Dynamite Give Me Some Of Your Tots Scene

watch Napoleon Dynamite every day! Fans of the 2004 movie “Napoleon Dynamite” are a select, fiercely loyal set. They are also somewhat of a niche audience, which might make it a tough proposition as a crossover animation hit in the best possible scenario. Sadly, Sunday’s (Jan.