Watch the ridiculous trailer for the new season of ‘South Park’

Trey and Matt are going back to basics this season...

Comedy Central have released a trailer for South Park’s 21st season and it’s a wild, disorientated greatest hits music video.

It’s been over nine months since new episodes of the satirical cartoon aired and now fans are getting ready for the show’s return on September 13.

Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker recently revealed that the writers are trying to avoid politics this season, since: “We were really trying to make fun of what was going on in the last season of South Park, but we couldn’t keep up. What was actually happening was much funnier than anything we could come up with.”


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This trailer might be indicative of that attitude featuring a row of classic clips and characters including Towelie, Jesus Christ and ‘Lorde’. Watch the absurdity below.

While the long-running cartoon extensively satirised the US Presidential Election during its twentieth season – which ended on December 7 in the US – the show did not directly depict its eventual winner.

While Hillary Clinton was accurately portrayed in the show, the role of Trump went to South Park character Mr. Garrison – who morphed into an appearance that bore a striking resemblance to Trump as the season progressed.

Parker also said the show didn’t directly parody Trump as they didn’t want to “service” the President as a character on the show. “We were like, fuck him, we don’t want to give him the satisfaction.”