Watch Run The Jewels’ full set as they hit out at harassment at gigs at Glastonbury

"Keep your grubby hands and little d**k off them".

Run The Jewels‘ full set at Glastonbury 2017 is now available to watch in its entirety online.

Yesterday (June 24) the hip-hop duo took to the Pyramid Stage to perform their biggest UK show to date. Killer Mike and El-P dedicated their performance to the victims of Grenfell Tower fire.

RTJ – whose high-profile slot was in some doubt yesterday (June 22) after news broke that Killer Mike’s mother had passed away in Atlanta this week – were introduced on to the stage by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn,


The band also took some time to strike out at harassment at live music events. Stating the rules of an Run the Jewels show, El-P began: “when you’re part of the Run The Jewels community, when you see someone fall down… pick that motherfucker up”, Killer Mike added: “Also, if you’re Mike-sized, don’t crowd-surf you fat-fucker, meet me in the gym”.

“If you have a selfie-stick” El-P notes, “put that shit away just for the sheer embarrassment and then put it away so you don’t impale yourself on that shit, you shallow bastard.”

Before launching into ‘Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)’ Mike said: “We got one big rule. All the ladies, that’s half our audience, if they didn’t come with you or invite you, keep your grubby hands and little dick off them. We want you to party and meet your future wife so you guys make a baby. But that’s a mutual decision, it’s not you deciding so if you see you do it we’re going to punch you in your fucking face, over and over again”.

Watch Run the Jewels’ full Glastonbury set here.

Earlier in the set, El-P also thanked Corbyn for introducing the duo on stage and delivering some “inspiring words.”


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